Turning Fiancée

Consider this to be bridal entry #1. I haven’t written anything since. 🙂


Its been a year since our official engagement and I couldn’t be any happier. We’ll be getting married in a year’s time and it finally feels like the real countdown has begun. I have yet to feel the craziness that they all describe wedding prep to be. Maybe I’m speaking to soon or maybe I’ll be a chill bride. Or yeah, maybe I’m speaking too soon. Haha!


We’ve resolved for the planning to be as strategic as possible. Quick and time efficient. 😉 I’ll spare myself of all that bridal fair nonsense where people shove flyers up your face or sometimes assume that you’re a debutante (Yes. I seriously don’t know what to feel). I’ve been talking to some of my friends that got hitched and their thoughts have been very helpful. Building the process excites me the most, not the flowers nor even the dresses. It’s the whole idea of developing a method for a celebration.


So far, we’ve made significant progress in terms of the big things. During the last trip, we’ve managed to book the venue, set a taste test with the caterer and decide on most of the event suppliers. I think we have the general skeleton of the wedding. The next step is fill it in with color. Hopefully we keep this pace.



Side Notes:

1. Weddings are expensive.

2. I’m starting to wonder if I’m the only girl that didn’t have a “dream wedding”.

3. God’s favor and provision are overwhelming.


Pole Stars Malaysia

Dancing gives you a different kind of high. In that 4 minutes on stage you feel like you can change the world. It makes you bigger than yourself. It’s overwhelming.

People ask me if I get scared whenever I perform. My answer: a big resounding YES. I get scared that I might miss a trick. I get scared that I might fall off the pole and forget everything I’ve practiced. I get scared thinking that the pole might be too slippery. But I’ve learned to not let my fears define me. Great things happen when you learn to stare fear in the face and believe that you are capable of amazing things. Failure is real, but so is heart. You only win if you desire it bad and the only way to find out is to fight. To fight with everything that is in you.


This win is for all of us. Thank you for your unwavering love and support. To our families and friends who bore the brunt of having us miss movie dates, and several get together’s. Precious time away from home spent at the studio practicing every single day, we cannot thank you enough.

To our partners, Tippy Sy, Agoda Philippines, Skechers Philippines and Lightwater. Thank you for the faith. We hope we do you proud and we look forward to more projects with you.

To our Polecats Family who taught us to live a life beyond limits and to fear not the impossible. To embrace change and believe. This one is for you.



Our biggest strength comes from the fact that we are one team. Today Malaysia, tomorrow the world. ❤


Sky’s the Limit

Sky's the Limit

We finished a shoot today! I’m heading one of the big projects of the company for the first time. And I’m so friggn excited about everything!!! I though I’d be scared, but for some reason everything feels right. Like when you know you’re making the right decision. When you’re at the right place at the right time.

I shall draw inspiration from the sky.

Make up by: Jinky Ureta

A Message from My Heart to Yours

Stellar has always held a special place in every Polecats’ heart. More than just a recital, it represents what we believe in as a company. It is living proof, that regardless of age, shape, size, or background, everyone bears the gift of shining their brightest star.

To the ones who’ve been with us since the very first Stellar, thank you for your passion and loyalty. We treasure you dearly. To those new hearts that have decided to join us this Stellar 3, words will never be enough to express how proud we are as teachers to see you dance on stage. It is such an honor to see each and every one of you transform into such beautiful performers. Thank you for all the hard work you’ve put into this show.  Know that you kittens and tigers are a constant inspiration to us all. Without you, we would not be where we are right now. In this relatively young community, Polecats Manila is now the biggest home to aerialists in the country. This little dream of ours has grown so much in the past years and we would like to thank you for playing such a big part in our success.  As a company, we promise to discover new ways to fly and to continue to push our limits so that we can give you nothing less than the best.

To everyone who helped make this event possible, our Police, sponsors, host, staff and crew, on behalf of Polecats Manila, I would like to thank you for your unwavering support. This night would not have been possible without your help.

To our lovely audience, thank you for sharing this evening with us. We hope that tonight, you experience pole dancing in a way you’ve never experienced it before.

We hope to see you all in many years to come, constantly dreaming with us as we aim for the stars. Tonight as you take the stage, dance like you can change the world, because one day it will happen.

Kayleen Ortiz
Company Manager
Polecats Manila

#3 Robot

Since I’ve decided to draw more this year, I’ve started saying yes to projects and things. I finished this one last week. It was for a moving family that wanted to live in a whimsical home. Of course, I’d be very more than happy to contribute to such desire.

They asked me to draw an 8 foot robot beside their highest door. A very good choice for protection I must say. Though one must always remember to plug it in as I’ve made it dependent on electricity. A necessary precaution.

Of course, I brought company with me in building this army of one.

Yes, I think I should do this more often 🙂

The Seagull

There was once a girl who lived by the sea.
She wore a sackcloth tied around her waist with seaweed.
They say she was the daughter of a fisherman.
His boat crumpled by the waves that hit the rocks while he sought refuge one night angered with storm.
Others say she wasn’t human.
That she rose from the foam like the ones from stories of truth of long ago.
She had no name.
Not a memory of her past or where she came from.
All she knows.
Is that she was raised by seagulls.

She’d raise her hands far up to the sunlight.
Every morning.
Eyes closed.
Lips wide open.
One by one the seagulls fly near the shore.
Carrying fish in their beaks, leaving mouthfuls on her tongue for her to eat.
Since she couldn’t bear the taste of seawater, she waited on them for drink.
They come to her from the mountains in pairs.
Clutching leaves heavy with dew.
She cups her hands as they squeeze.
When the winds are strong and the waters high, they take her with them to fly.

With feathered wings they cover her face, eyes and nose as she curls up into a ball on the warm sand.
Like a sharp chill of cold wind, she’d feel her knees lift up from the ground.
The seagulls fall silent.
And all she could hear is a faint whisper that chants her to flight.
She feels no pain.
Nor relief.
All that is left us an utter sharpness of the present.

Years passed.
Yet the girl did not age.
People started to notice.
Rumors spread of a sea witch.
She didn’t seem to care that much.

One day, when the winds were strong and the waters high.
They approached her from behind.
No one dared to strike first.
She saw the seagulls come.
Still unaware of what stood behind her, she gathered herself and curled upon the warm sand.
Like a sharp chill of cold wind.
Everyone knew what happened.
Except for the girl that had no name.


Let me tell you the story of Noth. Noth the bus driver.

He was different from other bus drivers. Quite peculiar I should say. He did not drive people to places, nor did he bring little children to school. In fact, Noth never stopped at bus stops like what a good old ordinary bus driver ought to do. Let this not mislead you though, for Noth was a good man. A very good man indeed. It just so happened to be, that Noth was far from ordinary. For he did not drive just any other bus.

This bus driver drove… the Dream bus.

Much like Noth, the dream bus was far from ordinary. It was big, blue and wobbly. It wobbles from side to side for it was a very very big bus. What was even farther from ordinary was that the dream bus did not have any wheels at all. It floated just above the pavement, like a wooden spoon swimming in a bowl of cereal. Why, even its windows were oddly shaped. There were those that went all the way from top to bottom. There were others that were all squiggly and curvy. Some of them were round, and there were others that were the shape of half eaten mushrooms. There were windows all over the bus! There were ones on the roof. There were ones that went round the sides. There were even ones that were underneath the bus! It is no wonder why the dream bus had no room for doors anymore. It was the biggest odd looking bus one could ever have seen. That is… if one would be able to see it. You see… Noth’s bus, although big, blue and wobbly was invisible.

Well, to the human eye that is. It is said to be that little puppies (as well as big dogs) can in fact see the dream bus. They stop and stare, intently watching as the big blue giant slowly passes through walls of bedrooms, kitchens and attics. Leaving dreams to enter through unsuspecting sleeping ears. They watch as the rest of the fish-like dreams swirl about with its colorful contents constantly bumping and crashing against each other.

Noth’s job as you all would have noticed at this point isn’t like any other. Instead of children, or the elderly, Noth filled his bus with all sorts of marvelous dreams! There were big ones, almost the size of a football. And even small ones, those that were barely the size of a circus peanut.

These dreams swim around his big blue bus, like what fish do in the bright blue ocean. Inside the bus they stay and wait until they fill the sleeping with all its contents. It is very important that one must know, that dreams are never created to be bad. Bad dreams (for lack of a better term) are merely results of unavoidable circumstances. Though big and blue, being wobbly does not help dreams at all. They bump and crash and rub against each other even if Noth drives ever so carefully.

This bumping and crashing give mermaids a horse for a head, bunnies squiggly octopus tentacles, and carpets very very large fangs. This may seem unpleasant to those asleep. And absolutely horrifying for those awake.

Unlike the others who have very strange jobs like Noth. He was not one to flaunt it. He never said yes to interviews nor allowed people to see the inside of his workplace. It was not that he was shy, or anything similar to that feeling of being ashamed. Noth loved his job, he just did not care for fame (though he is fully aware that such fame awaits in carrying such a strange job). He did care though for secrets and for keeping them secrets. For there are very little of them left now.

He also did not care for clothes or brightly colored costumes that would probably fit his strange job. Noth drove his blue bus wearing laced up unmatched shoes, and a coat that now resembles the color of wet earth.

At this point, one must know that all that I have written are merely accounts taken from observation. For I too, by virtue of birth lottery, am human. It just so happened that can understand the stories of puppies.

I have included additional notes that might be helpful.

1. When I asked her the name of the bus driver, I think she was trying to say “Nothing” as a response to my question. She stopped at Noth— and murmured the rest since she did not know a lot of big words. Even if I have come to realize this, I have decided to respect what she said and keep the name Noth.

2. For dreamless nights. She suggests that one wear earmuffs to sleep. They work better than dream catchers. She also finds it absolutely ridiculous to cover ones eyes.

3. Daydreaming is difficult to avoid. She says that she has never seen one that has successfully dodged a dream.

Everything we are today started with one small idea. We giggled at the thought. Today, we marvel at the reality.

2013 will be spectacular.


Everything starts with a little idea, a quiet musing. It happens in the shower, while driving, or doing the laundry. One tiny speck of an idea is all you need, and you already have the first ingredient for a great big reality.

Our idea was to come up with a name so we could form some kind of a club, print a shirt, take a few photos. And then we decided, “hey, maybe we can do a couple of performances too”. Which turned into, “you know what, it would be cool if there was a live band…”, which eventually became “i think we should perform with an orchestra”.


As you know, our story is made up of little stories all clumped up into one big picture. These little stories are the things you probably don’t see happening — organising events, painting walls, working on other skill sets, eating and laughing…

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